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What is the plan for COVID-19 vaccinations in this county and why won’t you tell us?

I am growing impatient waiting to understand what the plan is in this county regarding the COVID vaccinations. No one I talk to can give me any solid information. So I’m putting it out here, these are the questions I have.

Do you have to be a citizen of Shiawassee County to receive a vaccination in this county?

If you are not a resident and you receive a vaccination in this county, is your county somehow making these vaccinations up to our county?

How many citizens in Shiawassee county are in group 1A and IB? How many in these groups have been vaccinated?

Is there someone in this county advocating with the state for an increase in vaccine?

There does not appear to be a planned process for distribution, other than age group. Why is there no organized plan? I see better plans and more information for leaf pickup than I do for this life-saving vaccination.

Why is no one using TV news crawlers, like they do for snow days, to keep citizens informed?

We live in an age where conspiracy theories are ruling the day; factual information is essential in this situation.

I feel upset with the extreme lack of information. Being given a phone number you can call to put yourself on a fan-out call list is not information.

I think the Shiawassee County Health and Emergency Preparedness departments are failing our community. We have known since last spring that a vaccine was coming.

What were they doing all this time?

So I ask those few who are privy to “the plan” to answer my questions. I’m sure there are others who would like answers.

Cheryl Farver


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Right on you are Cheryl. The phone number given by the County is just a black hole, no response, all we hear about are shortages of the vaccine, but then we find that on a state level only 56% of what the state has received has been administered. Ingham County is vaccinating 65 year olds at Walgreen's, and we in Shiawassee County know almost nothing.

Mother Hen

Agree with your letter 100%. There seems to be no plan. If there is a plan, it is not widely known/understood. We are retirees. We want our vaccines.

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