The sun shined all day today; an optimism and a bounce of smiles kept me company across that seamless and smooth ribbon of highway until I opened the blue door that sticks in the winter to my little house with so many windows, bright and warm.

I read the paper today and clouds drifted in and the mood was dampened for a long time. My eyes welled up.

I cleaned the kitchen. My eyes welled up. I shoveled the walk. My eyes welled up. I threw the paper away.

No! Don’t let it take you down. From this day of Elaine jumping in the kitchen and the yellow twinkles and the silly linen cocktail napkins you picked up at the auction.

Words written matter, especially in my colorless town where retired doctors spew untempered rhetoric on opinion pages and gossip-mongers hang cameras round their necks and reap the banquets’ bounties.

I really do wonder why people from worlds unknown to us with their children deserving open arms of safety make religious men so scared?

The truth shall set you free we hear, yet be not confused when elders and imposters vent unfettered views veiled in false wisdom, lacking precision, using loosely coupled definitions for aliens and immigrants, and unnaturalized citizens yearning for better conditions.

Freedom’s speech bears responsibility for seeking truth from transcripts and records, documents primary for context and conscience before we the people in order to form and inform a more perfect union (starting here in this little town).

Write opinions with words that do, indeed, matter.

Kari Krantz Selleck


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When I submitted this opinion "poem", it was written in poetic verse with stanzas that are not depicted here. Editors did a pretty good job of turning my poem into prose, yet it really misses the rhythm created through carefully purposed stanzas.

Mother Hen

Your writing style comes through here; well thought out and quite expressive. Thank you for writing, creating, sharing.

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