As I watch the Senate impeachment trial, as it is called, I have the question: Trial? What trial?

Whatever party you support doesn’t matter. Don’t you want to know the truth? It’s clear one side is not being truthful, so let’s prove who that is.

At least during the first impeachment hearings, the Dems brought in multiple witnesses who each had nothing to gain, and everything to lose — but yet they came forward.

That’s far more than the Republicans have done, other than blocking witnesses and whining during the first impeachment hearings that they got to call no witnesses.

Well here’s your chance, and yet again you do nothing. I don’t even know why a chief justice is there. He can overrule, but then the Senate can overrule his ruling, so what’s the point? This kind of process only will lead to multiple other impeachments for this president.

Let the truth come out and then we, the American people, will know what side is telling the truth. After watching this process and seeing the Republicans act the way they have, I, for one, will never be voting for another Republican congressman or senator in my life.

Debbie Goschke

Owosso Township

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Welcome aboard! We greet you with open arms. Glad to get you away from the GOP. (Guardians of the Privileged )

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