Letter to the editor

On Feb. 3, one of the most despicable, inappropriate acts took place on world-wide TV when the president of the most powerful nation in the world, the most prominent leader of the free world, deliberately and methodically refused to shake the hand of the leader of the opposing party while on camera for the world to see.

We were stunned. Well, not really, as he has shown to be classless in all aspects of his life.

Not only did he demean America, he cast a large shadow on the honors and consolations awarded to recipients that night. When reflecting on that wonderful evening, they will also be reminded of that act of obvious hate that Donald Trump could no longer contain. May God forgive him.

While you are at it, if you are on Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid, hang on to your shorts and keep voting for him. Even though he did promise not … never mind. It was another lie to get your vote.

Ray Gadd

Bennington Township

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