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Concerning Sunday’s letter to the editor, the writer questioned whether or not I had read Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report. I must admit I have not read the entire Volume 2, but have read parts of it.

I highly doubt the writer has read all 241 pages of Volume 2 either. Depending on your bia,s you can interpret it either way. I believe Mueller and his team wrote it that way on purpose. I maintain that if they could have found any evidence of collusion with Russia, someone of his highly biased anti-Trump team would have leaked it. The best they could do to discredit President Donald Trump was to claim he obstructed the investigation.

Many reasonable Democrats agree with this. Staunch Democrats like Alan Dershowitz (a distinguished professor at Harvard Law School) and Mark Penn (chief strategist and pollster in the Hillary Clinton 2008 campaign and pollster to President Bill Clinton for six years) both agree there were no impeachable crimes committed.

It is mainly the far-left group that hates Trump more than they love America that is pushing for more investigation, hoping against hope they can discredit Trump.

I question why they don’t investigate Clinton’s part in the collusion with the Russians. Also, why hasn’t she been investigated for having secret information on her personal server? As an officer in the Air Force I would still be serving time in prison if I had treated secret documents this way.

If the Democrats would concentrate on working with Republicans to solve health care, the illegal immigration crisis, our infrastructure problems, etc., instead of wasting more time and money on investigating Trump, the country would be much better off.

If you don’t like the president, vote him out of office. I believe President Barack Obama was the most incompetent and anti-American president out of the 14 during my lifetime, however, he was still president.

Gary Hammond

Shiawassee Township

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Boy you move a lot. A few days ago it was Shiawassee Twn. and now it's Burns Twn.

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