Letter to the editor

Donald Trump is the first president in modern history never to have his support rise to 50 percent.

Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller is about to shine the national spotlight on what his investigation actually found. And those of us who visit our national parks are going to learn how much money has been diverted from the fees we pay to fund a military extravaganza — all for a weakened commander-in-chief to wallow in.

Between the flybys and tanks — and his seventh-grade listing of historic icons — Trump managed to convince his rally that he alone was qualified to acknowledge America’s greatness.

But what did he say about the future of our commitment to fund veterans programs adequately?

What did he say about making national service possible for those to can’t wear the uniform?

What did he say about national heroes, like the late Sen. John McCain, whom he has disparaged and dishonored?

No, this was not a peoples’ celebration of American independence; it was a desperate attempt to convince us that, in spite of five draft deferments for bone spurs, he is truly sorry he never served.

Thomas Smith


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