Let’s let politics rest for a minute.

Our Tigers are fun to watch again. We need to all unite to get the games on Bally Sports Detroit back. Bally is a commercial-showing network that lets the ball games have a little time. I am not a wordsmith or any good on the computer, so I am asking for help.

I believe if we boycott the companies that advertise and let word get out that Bally Sports is cutting in commercials while innings are in progress is the reason why boycotts are happening, Bally may reconsider when it runs the ads.

Tuffy, Graff Chevrolet, Spectrum, Toyota, Draft Kings, Chrome Book, Wallside, Meijer, Miller Beer, Chevrolet, Abbott, Fan Duel, McDonald’s, Liberty Mutual, Arby’s, Menard’s, Al Serra, Parley Boost, Indeed, Ace Hardware and Dan Dan the Matteess man — this is just some of them.

It will take the advertisers to help us.

John Sutton


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