I want to apologize for my actions in regards to an area blogger’s video. The reason I was so angry with him is because he has made it his mission to defame me.

I’ve gotten death threats as a result of the stories he has written. Any time I try to explain myself and discredit what he wrote about me — with screenshots of conversations I’ve had with him — he removes them and proceeds to block me from commenting.

In the video he posted, he mentioned that “we called the goon squad.” We contacted a group of military veterans to be our security. That “goon squad” he is referring to are the ones who have put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms. That is why you hear me talking about military members, but he wouldn’t let me finish.

I lost my temper. I know I shouldn’t have given in to his provocation.

In one of his posts he even went so far as to warn us that Michigan is an open carry state and we better watch out. How is all that acceptable behavior?

I’m human. I’m not perfect, nor is anyone else. I’ve learned a very valuable lesson and I truly am sorry for any negativity it has caused in the community.

Jillian Hundey


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Mother Hen

The best lesson to learn is that Shiawassee County is not tolerant and accepting of anybody that is not a mirror image of themselves. I'm sorry that you lost control. I'm sorry that you now are the target og bullying and hate from too many Shiawassee County residents. Tom Manke is doing what he does best--tearing down others to build himself up.


Stay strong, be yourself, sleep well knowing you have done the right thing by apologizing for a shortcoming. If only others were able to the same...

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