Letter to the editor

I would like to address all the liberal, communist Democrats who will not take any responsibility for the destruction of America in the last seven months.

The southern border is completely open to sex and drug traffickers, COVID-19 infected people and any terrorist who wishes to enter into the U.S.

Gas prices are up more than $1 per gallon and the inflation is going out of sight.

Now we have this fiasco in Afghanistan. Hundreds of Americans are being left behind enemy lines and tens of thousands of Afghans who supported the U.S. for the last 20 years are being left to the Taliban.

Our government even gave a list of everyone left behind to the Taliban.

Also left behind for the Taliban are the more than 600,000 arms, more than 70,000 vehicles and 175 aircraft and even the computers the military was using.

There are many civilians working much harder than the government to get left-behind Americans and supporters out of Afghanistan. The English parliament has voted to not have any further military operations with the U.S.

We have lost all our allies.

This is all on the president and you Democrats who put the U.S. in this position. You can’t place the blame on anyone else.

Terry Holzhausen


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Very true words, sadly.


Gas prices are up a $1 because of the previous administration thinking that the Virus was nothing but the flu. Or it would go away when the weather warms up! And the trashing of the economy led to gas being given away. Under the Trump administration is now the fault of Democrats? We lost our allies when Trump started pushing them away. The next time we are in a full blown war our allies will say get lost. Covid 19 infected people coming across the border? We get them now from Florida Republicans that believe this ain't real. The Repubs can tell a woman what to do with her body, but CAN'T tell a 12 year old to where a mask? That's the Dems fault? REALLY?? Inflation is running wild? Have you seen the stock market lately? Oh, and oil prices are in that stock market driven by the rich.


This is an example of classic "scapegoating". Don't fall for it.

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