For several years, select Michigan motorists have enjoyed the benefits E15 when filling up their vehicles. The higher-ethanol blend of gasoline has provided a cost-effective and high-quality option that also helps support our local farmers, drives investment in rural communities and decreases our dependence on foreign oil.

However, a recent federal court ruling blocking the EPA’s approval for summer sales of E15 may create new roadblocks for those seeking the benefits of higher blends of American ethanol.

About 98 percent of all gasoline sold in the United States already contains 10 percent ethanol. If all Michigan drivers could access the 5 percent boost from E15, the change would inject $530 million into Michigan’s economy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 580,000 metric tons and save individuals up to 10 cents per gallon at the pump.

To me, it is common sense: better options at the pump equal bigger savings, while also supporting our state’s farmers and economy. Also, moving to an E15 blend means less pollution from car exhaust, which ultimately means better health for everyone.

I hope our legislators in Lansing recognize the need to stand with Michigan farmers and families and take action to ensure E15 is available statewide.

Russell Braun


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While ethanol does provide a savings at the pump, that is lost when you drive. Your gas mileage is lower with ethanol, negating the savings at the pump and the emissions reduction. Higher ethanol content is also damaging to small engines. Most of them are designed with max 10% ethanol in mind. Jumping to 15% could shorten the life span of outdoor equipment. For small engines, it is best to use ethanol-free gasoline. It is becoming more available, but how many people are aware of this? The idea that if 10% is good then 15% must be better doesn't take into account all the factors.


Energy economist Philip Verleger says that gasoline prices are being propped by oil producers limiting production and by the cost of blending ethanol into gasoline. HMM....

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