Franklin Graham, who has been at ease sharing the earth with the likes of Donald Trump, announced he can’t make room for South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg because he is an openly gay Rhodes Scholar and veteran. He is also a committed Christian who suggested to the Rev. Graham that, if he takes issue with Pete’s identity, he should take this up with Pete’s creator.

Franklin Grahams’ Jesus, unlike the Christ about whom Billy preached, seems to pick and choose those who are eligible to be welcomed. If Billy’s son searches carefully, he’ll be hard pressed to find a single New Testament example in which Christ rejected anyone because of who they were.

On the contrary, Jesus embraced moral hypocrites, condemned criminals and cheats as he delivered his message of love and compassion. Perhaps it is time for Franklin Graham to examine the potential hypocrisy of giving an adulterer and self-confessed sexual criminal a pass while condemning a man in a committed marriage.

What, indeed, would Jesus do in 2019?

Thomas Smith


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