While driving back to Owosso from Chesaning Friday night, there was a car on M-52 going about 40 mph.

Some may say, “What’s the problem?” Well, the problem is these drivers are going to, or already have, caused a serious crash.

I can’t understand why law enforcement doesn’t ticket these drivers; they don’t hesitate to ticket you for going over the speed limit.

If you are on a major road, you need to go at least the posted speed limit or you should be on the secondary roads. These drivers are just as bad as people who are speeding, and maybe even worse. Come on law enforcement, and start issuing tickets to these drivers.

Debbie Goschke


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Mother Hen

Now I'm wondering what the legal minimum speed limit on a road like M52. Google only wants to tell me what the legal maximum limits are. Hmmm.

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