Letter to the editor

Call me the patron saint of “keeping it real.” The gutteral noises and mostly inane comments emanating from the anonymous crowd at Sunday’s county board meeting spoke volumes about who a large portion of Shiawassee County residents really are — even more so than the numerous eloquent speakers.

Call me an eternal champion of underdogs. I stand with the woman who was booed and jeered by the crowd for speaking the truth about the sad, sorry, pathetic fact that only a minority of county residents are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. In other words, a slight majority of residents have not, at any point in time, taken the pandemic seriously enough to do anything about it except antagonize those of us who know precisely how serious of a health threat COVID-19 is.

What are those fools doing at a meeting concerning pandemic-related funding? What does it matter to them — the ones who openly harass others for caring about our own health and the health of our fellow community members?

I say to those ignorant trolls: Thank you for showing the world that this county is indeed overrun by people who subscribe to no other principle than the crowd mentality. I, for one, have never won a popularity contest in this county — nor will I ever win one, nor do I care to try to win one.

To fraternize with a large cesspool of odious characters such as these — as one is obliged to if you are born and raised here — is to understand firsthand why these same folks have been taken advantage of by certain county commissioners with over-bearing personalities.

The test the citizens of this county are faced with now is whether they can all stay focused on the issue at hand, or whether the will of the people will yet again be frittered away by their own worst impulses. Only time will tell whether the citizens of this county possess a will that is resolute and firm enough to stay focused on what matters most.

Theresa Rathwell


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