Letter to the editor

Watching TV lately, I’ve noticed how hot it is in parts of the United States. I know a place that is hotter than that. They don’t have any cooling rooms in Hell.

I know how you can escape Hell. You can ask the Lord Jesus Christ into your heart and be saved. He died on the cross to cover our sins.

I don’t care how you do it, you can get on your knees and ask forgiveness or you can sit at your kitchen table. You can even be driving in your car or mowing the lawn. Your can look up and ask for forgiveness.

Eternity is like a rock 100 miles high and 100 miles thick and a bird can come to sharpen his beak once every 100 years until the rock is gone: That’s one day of eternity.

Gary Kiger

Owosso Township

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How are you going to explain all this nonsense to God when you get to heaven and discover it's full of Muslims, Buddhists, and atheists? You will then be instructed that love is a higher principle than fear and that your tiny exclusive theology has no place in heaven.

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