Letter to the editor

The Jan. 6 Commission is continuing to uncover more evidence of Donald Trump’s attempt to overthrow our government and system of democracy.

There was overwhelming evidence of this before the commission was empaneled. In the end, we will see the specifics of how he and others attempted to do this. None of this will make any difference to those who follow Trump.

For those, like myself, who write in to the Opinion Page against Trump, racism, homophobia, misogyny and, especially, fascism, our efforts will have absolutely no effect on the Trump base. It’s important that we keep writing though, that we keep telling the truth, that we keep calling out Trump, his GOP Nazi enablers and his fascist, cult terrorist voters for their traitorous fascism.

Being involved in BLM and anti-fascist protests this last year and a half and coming face-to-face with armed Trump supporters, I will say what many already know: These people are armed, dangerous, fanatical and cannot be reasoned with. They will not believe truth and are more than willing to destroy our democracy and kill all of us who stand in their way to maintain white power, privilege and their terrorist anti-human culture.

Many of these people we know. They are, in some cases, friends, family members and neighbors. So what are we to do? I’ve heard commentary from Trump supporters for several years now advocating for a so-called civil war. These folks are very excited about using their guns. Hopped up on Trump Nazi rallies and toxic doses of action adventure movie misogynistic, racist American culture they can’t wait to vent the rage of their false white grievance from the end of a gun.

The scary thing is, most of these are not the traditional lone wolf or mentally disturbed actors. They are the folks we think of as your regular mom-and-pop, everyday folks.

Like the gentleman in his 60s I encountered at the state capitol who claimed to be acquainted with a local businessman who has been in the news a lot this last year. He told me I was not from Owosso, that I was from out of state and paid by George Soros. He claimed to be a veteran, was armed, and physically attacked trans and LGTBQ members of our group. Are they teaching that in boot camp now?

These terrorists monsters will yield only to armed, militant counteraction.

Jeff Carmody


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Mother Hen

Trump, and some of his followers, are a growing malignancy that will forever be a dark stain on the history of the United States.

Janet Kiley

I feel so sad to hear of so much abuse in our public discourse...picking on and belittling people that we consider 'other' and 'less than' is the beginning of tyranny. Look at the Nazis.

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