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Amidst a handful of equally existential crises — COVID-19 , civil rights, gun rights/violence, voting rights — the Republican Party continues to deflect blame for these situations that are arising largely due to its own policies.

The latest effrontery on democracy centers on its laser-focused assault by 40-plus states to further restrict legal voting; as if continually losing by a “one person, one vote” standard isn’t enough. New regulations are being proposed to ensure “election integrity.” This from a party that has forfeited the right to attach this adjective to itself, given its propensity to look the other way.

I don’t believe in its wholesale ignorance or its inability to discern the truth. I can only conclude that truth no longer is the virtue guiding Republicans. Georgia is the spearhead of this battle, even though former President Donald Trump leaned heavily on our own state election canvassers to influence its decision.

This is not the Peach State’s first stab at voter suppression; Gov. Brian Kemp, as its former secretary of state, stacked the deck in his favor during his 2018 race against Stacey Abrams. Push-back from Abrams led to a registration campaign that, coupled with Rep. James Clyburn’s endorsement of Biden, resulted in an historic victory in the state. Unwilling to accept defeat graciously, Trump was taped pleading with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to “find” votes needed to win Georgia’s electoral votes.

That such a narrow margin is required is testament to the necessity to eliminate the archaic Electoral College system, so obviously exposed to political pressure, in favor of the popular vote where one’s vote is equal to anyone else’s anywhere else.

Similarly, citing a crisis of confidence in our election process as a reason for stricter regulations is baseless. Trump, presciently sensing his defeat, stoked the coals of a stolen election months before his imminent loss. His own cherry-picked Supreme Court, compliments of Sen. Mitch “The Mortician” McConnell, concluded there was no evidence of fraud. Some of Fox News’ individual contributors face billion-dollars lawsuits for promulgating the lie of a rigged election.

So it comes down to this: If you can’t win by the strength of your platform, rig it so that you can.

Mike Martin


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Nothing to worry about. Mr Pillow brain says trump will be president again by August. God help us!


"Amidst a handful of equally existential crises — COVID-19 , civil rights, gun rights/violence, voting rights — the Republican Party continues to deflect blame for these situations that are arising largely due to its own policies."

Typical lib spin. The foundation is backwards, because everyone knows history, spinmasters like the author want to pervert it.

One: COVID 19 was brought to the world by China not Republicans.

Two: Civil Rights violations came from the Democrats including Democrat Senator Robert Byrd whom Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden idolized.

Three: Gun Rights were supported by both sides - Republicans and Democrats - during the passage of the Bill of Rights. It's always the Dems that want to infringe upon our God-given right to self-defense. And, if guns caused crime, then why haven't mine done so? Pretty sure it was a Democrat that shot all the innocent people at the Congressional baseball game.

Voting Rights: Just like the Biden-caused chaos at the border, Dems want the illegals to vote for them and they don't even care if they are citizens of our country. Now whose policies are to blame?


One: But look what the Republicans did and are doing what to stop the spread? It will mysteriously go away when the weather warms up? Bleach injections? This is nothing but the flu? Refusing to wear masks? Super spreader events? But it was attacking elderly and blacks worse so who cares? Did you miss the quotes from multiple right wingers that said that seniors should be happy to die to keep the the economy going?

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