Week 3 picks

Staff writer Josh Champlin gets very excited when he gets to attend a University of Michigan football game and write a column.

I had to be reminded they have an off week Saturday.

These two items go a long way to explaining why I’m near the bottom and Josh is enjoying a short time at the top of the Pigskin Picks standings this season: I just don’t care as much about sports as I used to.

I’m not exactly sure about the last time I watched a high school football game. And all the way through … who knows? I probably shouldn’t even be part of this competition. I’m not much different these days than staff writers Brad Minor or Greyson Steele, who admit to having little knowledge of football.

I’m sort of the ceremonial picker. Everyone still knows me and they applaud respectfully when I have a nice week, but they know I’m not really a contender.

I explain all this for a purpose: When I insult your team by picking against them, it’s not because I have any real knowledge these days about whether you are any good. It’s pure ignorance on my part. If I happen to get it right when I pick a team to lose by 63 points, well, I’ll probably go play the lottery, too.

So here we are, Week 3. I went 10-2 last weekend and lost ground to Josh, Ryan Weiss and Jerome Murphy. That would be so much easier to take if I really respected the picking ability of any of them.

On a bright spot, I’m 3-3 against the spread so far this year. I don’t think I’ve ever been above .500 on spread games so break-even is pretty acceptable.

Goodrich at Owosso

The Trojans tricked me in Week 1 and, well, I won’t make that mistake again … Goodrich.

Corunna at Lake Fenton

The Cavaliers played a pair of tough teams to open the season. Things aren’t much easier on the road against Lake Fenton … Lake Fenton.

Mt. Morris at Durand

It’s been so long since the Railroaders have been competitive week to week I feel strange picking them to win twice in a row, but here we are … Durand.

Byron at New Lothrop

Byron looks good again this year, but New Lothrop … well, it’s New Lothrop … New Lothrop.

Chesaning at Montrose

The Indians may be on the rise, but the Rams are already a step ahead … Montrose.

Perry at CC-C

The Ramblers are on the road, after letting one slip away on opening weekend and a big win in Week 2. CC-C may have the same record, but they’re nothing special … Perry.

Laingsburg at Potterville

Laingsburg has scored more than 31 points in both weeks. Potterville has scored 21 total … Laingsburg.

Ovid-Elsie at LakeVille

LakeVille hasn’t scored, at all. Ovid-Elsie hasn’t scored much, but they at least have faced a pair of likely playoff teams … Ovid-Elsie.

Morrice at Atherton

Morrice should be ranked No. 1, but some poll voter apparently hates them. Maybe they’ll get his vote this week … Morrice.

Arizona State at No. 18 MSU (-13.5)

It seems strange to pick MSU to pick any kind of spread, let alone one this sizeable … MSU 35, Arizona 20.

Akron at CMU (-3.5)

Fire up Chips. CMU by 63.

Chargers (-2.5) at Lions

Some day I’ll share my flow chart for picking Lions’ games. It’s 35 pages long, but it always ends with “The Lions are not a good team.” … San Diego 31, Lions 27 (after scoring 20 in the final two minutes to come up just short).

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