WILLIAMSTON — Owosso defeated Dansville 69-12 but lost to Fowlerville 39-33 Wednesday during the season-opening Battle of M-52.

Colton Blaha of Owosso logged two pin wins — one at 160 pounds and one at 171. Chris Ott also fared 2-0 for the Trojans with a forfeit win and a 6-0 decision.

Highlighting the win over Dansville were pin winners Nathan Mariutza (112), Payton Freerick (130), Blaha and Alex West (189).

Corunna tops Brandon

ORTONVILLE — Corunna stopped Ortonville Brandon 51-30 Wednesday.

The Cavaliers got pin victories from D’Angelo Campos (112 pounds), Joaquin Campos (119), Gabe Serbus (125), Luke Tuller (130), Ty Anderson (140), Joshua Everden (145), and Zachary Worthingon (285).

Adding a decision win for the Cavaliers was Zachary Worthingon (285).

Byron wins twice

WEBBERVILLE — Byron went 2-0 during Wednesday’s Webberville Quad.

The Eagles defeated Perry 55-33 and topped Webberville 70-12.

Adam Lawrence went 2-0 with two pins for Byron.

In the win over Perry, Lawrence, Zack Hall (125), Nolan Lange (135), Brenden Stites (140), and Cole Staton (215) all won by pinfall for Byron.

Perry got pin wins from Jacob Orweller (112), Seth Grooms (130) and Andrew McConnell (189).

Ovid-Elsie beats Ithaca

ELSIE — Ovid-Elsie turned back Ithaca, 45-24, Wednesday in wrestling action.

Zach Miller (140 pounds), Owen West (145) and David Hammond (160) won via pin for the Marauders.

Justin Hammond (152) picked up a decision victory for O-E.

Wednesday's box scores


112: Nathan Mariutza (O) p. Blake Baker.

119: Elijah Sexton (O) won by void.

125: Nathan Ballard (O) won by void.

130: Payton Frederick (O) p. Devin Marshall.

135: Megan Vondrasek (O) def. Jaden Dietz, 12-9.

140: Brekin Rundell (O) won by void.

145: Hayden Seitz (DA) p. Mike Pirochta.

152: Kristian Keys (O) won by forfeit.

160: Colton Blaha (O) p. Connor Bramble.

171: Nick Kadluboski (DA) p. Erick Foster.

189: Alex West (O) p. Austin Bemis.

215: Matt Churchill (O) won by void.

285: Chris Ott (O) won by void.

103: Joey Devaras (O) won by void.


103: Joey Devaras (O) won by void.

112: Nathan Mariutza (O) won by void.

119: James Burma (FO) p. Elijah Sexton, 1:51.

125: Wyatt Daniel (FO) p. Payton Frederick, 3:57.

130: Deagun Gonzales (FO) def. Megan Vondrasek by technical fall, 15-0.

135: Brendon Bickley (FO) def. Julian Palacio, 6-5.

140: Ashton Philburn (FO) p. Brekn Rundell, 0:51.

145: Owosso won by void.

152: Nathan Gendron (FO) def. Kristian Keys, 12-0.

160: Chris Watitker (FO) def. Justin Schoenberg, 12-8.

171: Colton Blaha (O) p. Tom Salois, 5:16.

189: Erick Foster (O) p. JT Maybee, 2:35.

215: Zach Reske (FO) p. Matt Churchill, 0:42.

285: Chris Ott (O) def. Grades Waters, 6-0.


103: Tiffany Hernandez-Serrates (B) won by void.

112: D’Angelo Campos (CO) p. Dyani Angeles.

119: Joaquin Campos (CO) p. Diego Angeles.

125: Gabe Serbus (CO) p. Umoma Theakston.

130: Luke Tuller (CO) p. Alex Hernandez.

135: Bryson Gunn (B) won by void.

140: Ty Anderson (CO) p. Jack Culvey.

145: Joshua Everdeen (CO) p. Omarion McPherson.

152: Brendan McClusky (CO) p. Colin Lauery.

160: Ronald Solis (B) won by void.

171: Matt Weiss (CO) won by void.

189: Mike Nicaj (B) p. Tyler Metcalf.

215: Jacob Lloyd (CO) def. Gavin Leigh, 7-0.

285: Zachary Worthington (CO) p. Isaac Wing.


103: Jacob Davies (BY) won by void.

112: Jacob Orweller (PE) p. Hubert Ash, 0:25.

119: Kyle Konopaska (PE) won by void.

125: Zack Hall (BY) p. John Justice, 1:35.

130: Seth Grooms (PE) p. Colby Shettler, 5:43.

135: Nolan Lange (BY) p. Joe McCann, 2:10.

140: Brenden Stites (BY) p. Phoenix Pulh, 2:01.

145: Tanner Orweller (PE) def. Logan Zakoor, 9-4.

152: Joel Bellous (BY) def. Nic Spiess, 15-5.

160: Neil L’Esperance (BY) won by void.

171: Jerry Hall (BY) def. Darion Artis, 12-5.

189: Andrew McConnell (PE) p. Matthew Pellman, 1:43.

215: Cole Staton (BY) p. Aaron Seward, 0:29.

285: Adam Lawrence (BY) p. Andrew Mravec, 1:25.


103: Jacob Davies (BY) won by void.

112: Hubert Ash (BY) won by void.

119: Ethan Brunson (WE) won by void.

125: Zack Hall (BY) def. Seth Wisuri, 10-1.

130: Colby Shttler (BY) p. Brendan Barrett, 2:40.

135: Josh Moran (WE) p. Nolan Lange, 3:15.

140: Brenden Stites (BY) won by void.

145: Logan Zakoor (BY) p. Dayton Kraiger, 2:43.

152: Joel Bellous (BY) won by void.

160: Neil L’Esperance (BY) won by void.

171: Jerry Hall (BY) won by void.

189: Matthew Pellman (BY) won by void.

215: Cole Staton (BY) won by void.

285: Adam Lawrence (BY) p. Thomas Fairfield, 1:04.


103: Cecilia Eldridge (OE) won by void.

112: Mason Spiess (OE) won by void.

119: Max Spiess (OE) won by void.

125: Simon Johnson (ITH) won by void.

130: Both teams were void.

135: Gavyn Perry (OE) won by void.

140: Zach Miller (OE) p. Hannah Frank, 1:35.

145: Owen West (OE) p. Harrison Cameron, 1:28.

152: Justin Hammond (OE) def. Chance Risner, 4-3.

160: David Hammond (OE) p. Cole Tilton, 2:56.

171: Guillermo Macias (ITH) def. Devon Stringhum, 11-5.

189: Darren Gutierrez (ITH) def. Eric Perry, 9-4.

215: Jared Barden (ITH) p. Cameron Schneider, 1:52.

285: Ethan Schall (ITH) p. Kameron Arnett, 3:54.

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