CHESANING — The New Lothrop boys and Byron girls reigned supreme in the Mid-Michigan Activities Conference Championships Tuesday at Chesaning as each wrapped up outright league titles.

New Lothrop’s boys scored 172 points, while Ovid-Elsie finished second with 118. The Hornets went 7-0 during dual meets; Ovid-Elsie was also second during the regular season. Byron (111), Montrose (103), Chesaning (97), Durand (37), LakeVille (17) and Mt. Morris (2) rounded out Tuesday’s field.

“This is huge and it’s something we’ve been striving for since the beginning of the season,” said New Lothrop’s Aidan Harrison, who held off teammate Will Muron to win the 100-meter dash. “That’s awesome for us.”

Byron’s girls, who also went 7-0 during the dual-meet season, won with 188 points while holding off New Lothrop, which scored 149 after faring 6-1 in MMAC duals. Next came Chesaning (121), Mt. Morris (58), Ovid-Elsie (53), Durand (47), Montrose (24) and Otisville LakeVille (5).

Byron girls coach Byron Schartzer watched his team take a victory lap after winning an outright championship.

“This is incredible,” Schartzer said. “I’ve got a great group of girls who are hard workers and tough. I’ve got girls who run the half mile, the (3,200), the mile and the two-mile. And they’re competitive in all of them. They just work really hard. New Lothrop is a powerhouse. They’ve been up there so long.”


Schartzer said his team’s domination of the field events was one of the keys to the championship. Sarah Marvin won both the shot put and the discus, at 41 feet, 6 inches and 121-3, respectively. Haley Hooley took first in the long jump (16-01/2) and Madeline Davis set a school record in the pole vault with a winning height of 8-6.

“It was nice to be able to take first in both events, but we were just focusing on everybody doing what they have to do,” Marvin said. “We wanted to get the most points we could get and we were doing last-minute things and just encouraging everybody.”

Hooley also won the 400-meter dash (1 minute, 3.83 seconds).

“Winning this is very exciting and we’ve been working toward this for a long time,” Hooley said. “My highlight? I don’t know. Just seeing how excited everyone is. And to finally accomplish our goal because we’ve worked so hard for it.”

Other first-place performers for the Byron girls were Allison Glass (high jump, 4-10) and Allissa Ash (1,600 run, 5:30.83).

New Lothrop featured first-place finishers Samantha Kulhanek (100 hurdles, 17.31), Clara Krupp (3,200 run, 12:06.78) and the 800 relay team of Brooke Wenzlick, Alyssa Miller, Sydney Pope and Caitlyn Bruff (1:56.80).

Chesaning won three relays — the 400 in 52.97 second (Karissa Ferry, Kate Lewis, Lauren Schirle and Makayla Deberry); the 1,600 in 4:28.08 (Julia Skaryd, Karlie Lewis, Kate Lewis and Schirle); and the 3,200 in 10:46.98 (Skaryd, Schirle, Preslee Slankard and Karlie Lewis).

Ovid-Elsie’s Emme Koutz won the 800 run (2:30.89).


New Lothrop’s Carson Hersch led the way on the boys side as a three-time winner in the 1,600 run (4:41.91) and 3,200 run (10:21.9). He also ran a leg of the first-place 3,200 relay with Micah Poletti, Gage Ruddy and Thomas Heslip (8:28.62).

“I’m just happy we could win the conference meet,” Hersch said.

Harrison won the 100 dash in 11.42 seconds, holding off Muron (11.72) and Brady Fraiser of Chesaning (11.74).

Harrison also helped New Lothrop win the 800 relay, running the anchor leg after taking the baton from Trevor Bishop, Carson Mulcahy and Muron (1:33.98). He was also second in the long jump (19-4 3/4).

“I’d say the 100 was my highlight today,” Harrison said. “It was a little redemption for the long jump.”

The Hornets also got first-place efforts from Heslip (400 dash, 52.45), the 400 relay team (Ean Gauthier, Muron, Mulcahy and Bishop, 45.37); and the 1,600 relay team (Heslip, Poletti, Ruddy and Jacob Black, 3:34.45).

Ovid-Elsie included first-place finishers William Schmidtfranz (100 hurdles, 16.14) and Weston Kvalevog (high jump, 5-10).

Chesaning senior Jordan Goward won both throwing events. He edged Durand’s Denver Jewell in the disucs 135-9 to 132-1, then beat out teammate Garrett Quackenbush in the shot put, 46-5 to 46-3 1/2.

“He started the season out about where he ended up last year,” Chesaning throwing coach Will Germain said. “Toward the middle of the season, he started to really pick it up with discus. He’s starting to come on with shot put.”

Chesaning’s Isaac Zamora won the 300 hurdles in 41.55, just nosing out Schmidtfranz, second at 41.88.

Byron’s Logan Zakoor won his third straight league title in the pole vault — his previous two coming in the Genesee Area Conference Blue Division — with a leap of 13-6. That was good enough to edge teammate Denver Orlando (13 feet).

“They started this new league (MMAC) this year and it was a big deal to me, especially since now anybody who takes first is going to have a league record,” Zakoor said. “So that’s kind of cool.”


MMAC Championships at Chesaning

Team Scores: 1. New Lothrop 172; 2. Ovid-Elsie, 118. 3. Byron, 111. 4. Montrose, 103; 5. Chesaning, 97. 6. Durand, 37. 7. LakeVille, 17. 8. Mt. Morris, 2.

100 dash: 1. Aidan Harrison (NL) 11.42; 2. Will Muron (NL) 11.72. 3. Brady Fraiser (CH) 11.74.

200 dash: 2. Fraiser (CH) 23.94; 3. Trevor Bishop (NL) 23.94.

400 dash: 1. Thomas Heslip (NL) 52.45; 2. Josh Green (BY) 53.56; 3. Gage Ruddy (NL) 53.65.

800 run: 2. Weston Kvalevog (OE) 2:03.45; 3. Elisha Huggins (BY) 2:03.89.

1,600 run: 1. Carson Hersch (NL) 4:41.91; 2. Kvalevog (OE) 4:46.98; 3. Drew Kohlmann (NL) 4:53.14.

3,200 run: 1. Hersch (NL) 10:21.90; 2. Kohlmann (NL) 10:40.15.

110 hurdles: 1. William Schmidtfranz (OE) 16.14; 3.Ean Gauthier (NL) 16.94.

300 hurdles: 1. Isaac Zamora (CH) 41.55; 2. Schmidtfranz (OE) 41.88.

400 relay: 1. New Lothrop (Ean Gauthier, Will Muron, Carson Mulcahy, Trevor Bishop), 45.37.

800 relay: 1. New Lothrop (Bishop, Mulcahy,  Harrison, Muron), 1:33.98.

1,600 relay:  1. New Lothrop (Thomas Heslip, Micah Poletti, Gage Ruddy, Jacob Black), 3:34.45.

3,200 relay: 1. New Lothrop (Poletti, Ruddy, Heslip, Hersch), 8:28.62.

Shot Put: 1. Jordan Goward (CH) 46-5; 2. Garrett Quackenbush (CH) 46-3 1/2; 3. TJ Marvin (BY) 45-6.

Discus: 1.  Goward (CH) 135-9; 2. Denver Jewell (DU) 132-1; 3. Quackenbush (CH) 127-3.

High jump: 1. Weston Kvalevog (OE) 5-10; 2. Gauthier (NL) 5-8.

Pole vault: 1. Logan Zakoor (BY) 13-6; 2. Denver Orlando (BY) 13-0; 3. Kaden Liebrock (CH) 10-6.

Long jump: 2. Harrison (NL) 19-4 3/4; 3. Josh Green (BY) 19-1.


MMAC Championships at Chesaning

Team Scores: 1. Byron, 188; 2. New Lothrop, 149; 3. Chesaning, 121; 4. Mt. Morris, 58; 5. Ovid-Elsie, 53; 6. Durand, 47; 7. Montrose, 24; 8. LakeVille, 5.

100 dash: 2. Caitlyn Bruff (NL) 13.43; 3. Alana Wendling (NL) 13.45.

200 dash: 2. Haley Hooley (BY) 28.10; 3. Lauren Davis (OE) 29.11.

400 dash: 1. Hooley (BY) 1:03.83; 2. Whitney Barnett (DU) 1:03.87; 3. Wendling (NL) 1:04.43.

800 run: 1. Emme Koutz (OE) 2:30.89; 2. Julia Skaryd (CH) 2:33.22; 3. Abby Lange (NL) 2:35.53.

1,600 run: 1. Allissa Ash (BY) 5:30.83; 2. Clara Krupp (NL) 5:38.90; 3. Koutz (OE) 5:44.34.

3,200 run: 1. Clara Krupp (NL) 12:06.78; 2. Olivia Krejci (NL) 12:16.50; 3. Ash (BY) 13:04.35.

100 hurdles: 1. Samantha Kulhanek (NL) 17.31; 2. Barnett (DU) 17.96.

300 hurdles: 2. Kulhanek (NL) 51.89; 3. Madeline Davis (BY)  53.62.

400 relay: 1. Chesaning (Karissa Ferry, Kate Lewis, Lauren Schirle, Makayla Deberry), 52.97.

800 relay: 1. New Lothrop (Brooke Wenzlick, Alyssa Miller, Sydney Pope, Caitlyn Bruff ), 1:56.80.

1,600 relay:  1. Chesaning (Julia Skaryd, Karlie Lewis, Kate Lewis, Lauren Schirle), 4:28.79.

3,200 relay: 1. Chesaning (Skaryd, Schirle, Preslee Slankard, Karlie Lewis), 10:46.98.

Shot Put: 1. Sarah Marvin (BY) 41-6; 2. Becky Marvin (BY) 35-5; 3. Claire Greenfelder (CH) 32-9.

Discus: 1. Sarah Marvin (BY) 121-3; 2. Greenfelder (CH) 111-11; 3. Becky Marvin (BY) 98-10.

High jump: 1. Allison Glass (BY) 4-10; 3. Makayla Clement (BY) 4-8.

Pole vault: 1. Madeline Davis (BY) 8-6; 2. Chloe Krupp (NL) 8-0; 3. Kaylee Hall (OE) 8-0.

Long jump: 1. Hooley (BY) 16-0 1/2; 2. Karissa Ferry (CH) 15-5.

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