ST. CHARLES — The St. Charles Wolverine Sportsman Club and the Department of Natural Resources will be conducting a hunter safety class for all first-time hunters born on or after Jan. 1, 1960 who have not previously taken a hunter safety class.

The class will be held at the St. Charles Wolverine Sportsmen Club, 14690 Ithaca Road.

Anyone who is not 10 years of age will be enrolled on a space available basis and by how close to 10 they are on the class starting date.

The class schedule is as of follows: Aug. 27 — 6-8 p.m. registration; Aug. 29 — 5-9 p.m. class; Aug. 30 — 5-9 p.m. class; Aug. 31 — noon to 5 p.m. class.

Refreshments will be served on Thursday and Friday of that week and a lunch served on Saturday.

 A $5 fee will be charged to offset the cost of food and refreshments as well as ammunition and targets for live firing that will take place Saturday.

Attendance is required all three days to be eligible to receive hunter safety certificates. Students are graded in three areas before any certificate is awarded.

The three graded areas are test score, classroom attitude, and ability to handle firearms safely and responsibly on the firing range.

Girls and foreign exchange students are encouraged to take the hunter safety class.

Adults who have not previously taken a hunter safety class are invited to take the class along with their son or daughter.

Many states now require a hunter safety certificate regardless of age or previous experience.

Anyone with special needs is requested to contact organizers 10 days prior to the class to make the necessary arrangements.

For more information, contact Lavern Spolarich at (989) 865-6257 from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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