All of the curious issues within the Sheriff Department lead me to believe that BeGole isn’t qualified to be in charge.

Someone should wake up Mr. Bailey.

A “collective will” is unrealistic in America due to a political system that created the divisions amongst Americans and continues to widen the divide with their power-hungry, corrupt ideologies. ALL politicians are greedy liars and thieves. Party affiliation doesn’t matter. With hundreds…

My thought, exactly............the County physical plant director should’ve been interviewed instead of Begole. It seems that the Sheriff wants the building to leak so he can try to sell us his new empire deal.

“It’s not written in gold,” Holzhausen said.

What a crass and idiotic statement. This guy illustrates exactly what is wrong with politics.

It’s obvious that politicians stick together, especially when it comes to stretching the truth. Just like the mailing that I received today from the Citizens for a Safe Community. I already voted no and Iencourage anyone who hasn’t cast their vote to do the same. Oh, ask the Sheriff how much…

Uh......three other golfers have received the award already. Plus.......Elvis! But, the entire thing is ridiculous.

I’d appreciate honest answers to the following questions:
1. Does the Sheriff receive profit from providing prisoners meals? By that I mean money in his pocket.
2. Does the Sheriff receive a vehicle to use as part of his annual County income? If not, does he receive a cash stipend?…

Spot on, sir. This fiasco brings to mind the saying, “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” (Or something like that.). I’d enjoy meeting the members of that HOA simply to inform them of their utter stupidity.

Beadman commented on Family conflict

I would never buy a home in a development with a HOA. A friend of mine was harassed by his HOA because they didn’t approve of the color that he painted his house. He went to court and won but it cost him a bundle. This particular case is very disturbing.