I wouldn’t expect anything less.

DavidB commented on MR. OWOSSO DONATIONS

Way to kick but* Aue, GREAT JOB!

Does anyone know where and when Caledonia post its meeting notices and agendas? Is anything published in a newspaper?

You reap what you sow, if it is that important of a position, seems the announcement should be advertised in the job openings notices published by such organizations as: MAC, MTA, MML and/or ICMA.

If they held a meeting in which this issue was discussed, I sure didn't see the notice published anywhere. Even on their own website, nothing. No notices, no minutes, nothing on a new Supervisor.

They have time to publish a notice about noxious weeds, but nothing important like this t…

I heard this was the guy who did all of the robocalls at the start of the last election, before deciding to drop out. Those sure were aggravating calls and so many of them.

If you got to Inspired Concepts’ website, there it only list five Ponderosa locations, making me think the other sites in Michigan are owned by someone else. Inspired Concepts purchased the Ponderosa and other restaurants in 2014 from Labelle Management, who started in the restaurant busine…

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Maybe members of Owosso's finest could take a leap of faith similar to their brothers in blue did in Clair, turning an iconic bakery into Cops and Doughnuts? Jumbo's could become "Cops and Bars"! Sort of has a nice ring to it.

This would have been a great time to have utilized the new "RAVE" notification to those residents in Shiawassee County who have signed up to get traffic notifications, so those driving this route don't end up parked on the interstate and slowing down emergency responders. But pret…

First, Argus Press should FOIA everything to provide step-by-step on how this happened. Second, every member of the Finance Committee, plus the County Administrator should resign.