matthew.schaefer commented on Durand sells city-owned parcels to developer

There's definitely demand for houses in Durand, and unfortunately, the price point mentioned is completely normal for new builds. Building costs have went up considerably, even before covid. My house, which I purchased for less than 100k a few years ago would cost over 250k to replace wit…

matthew.schaefer commented on Fire-damaged home to be demolished

The Matthews building and the one that just collapsed are privately owned. This one was owned by the city. It's much harder to get them demolished when they're privately owned, unfortunately.

This whole letter was top notch, but that was the most perfect ending it could have had.

I agree wholeheartedly. I spoke at the meeting Sunday and said as much. The board of commissioners hired him and have the ability to fire him, and they should. But that is up to them to decide on that front.

Great idea. I'll have to look into it. I agree with you that they are conflicting positions and he should not be able to hold both, but I do not have the money for a lengthy court battle over it.

matthew.schaefer commented on Owosso man charged with threat of terrorism

Is this the same guy who called the editor a Nazi? Apparently the tables have turned. Killing ideological and political enemies was kind of a thing the Nazis were known for. And it probably wasn't a good idea to tell the whole world he was in DC on the 6th in the letter to the editor sect…

matthew.schaefer commented on Democrats play politics of disunity

The state Supreme Court is actually not majority conservative anymore as of the 2020 election, just FYI.

matthew.schaefer commented on Trump turns patriotism on its ear

One correction, it was actually five draft deferments, not three. Four were for being in college, the fifth was for "bone spurs." Otherwise, great points.