June 19th, 1969

Five time draft dodger pretends to care about his military. BULL

Shows again that we don't need voter ID cards. We need voter IQ cards.

Yep. Billions. Trump gave me $7.55 weekly tax cut. The billions went to his friends. Oh, by the way. What has happened to the deficit? Up and up....

He does read!

The good ole boy network. One spoon fed rich guy protecting each other.

Because she is not the president! Who is suppose to lead by a higher example. Fully understanding that he is not of high moral character.....

RacerRay commented on Debates show Dems will lose big

And maybe you should find something constructive to do. Can't vote for a five time draft dodger, four time bankruptcy queen, adulterer, bigot, racist, and someone who obstructs the law as much as he does.

Go figure. Another person who wants to control another persons body.....

RacerRay commented on Solar panels pose no health risk

So. Do you believe somebody who's only reason to spout off is an ax to grind? Or do you believe the somebody with knowledge in the field? No brainer

RacerRay commented on Sanders' lies won't be missed

Next. Conway